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Ofsted, Parent Views and Performance Data

Letter from the Secretary of State for Education

Letter from the Secretary of State for Education 1



We are delighted to share the 2017 Ofsted report.

Our school continues to be graded as Good . Click on the link below for the full report.

Parent Views


Please click on the banner below to access the Ofsted Parent view portal for our school.


Performance 2018

KS2 TEST RESULTS: Percentage at each level (number of pupils: 11)

  Below Aged Related Expectations Age Expected Expectations or Above  National Comparison 2018 Above Age-Related Expectations National Comparison 2018
Reading  0% 100% 75% 55% 28%
SPAG 0% 100% 78% 45% 34%
Maths 9% 91% 76% 36% 24%


(Teacher Assessed)

0% 100% 78% 45% 20%
Reading, Writing and Maths combined 9% 91% 64% 18% 10%


Progress Score KS2


The values show how well the pupils did compared with similar schools nationally. A score of zero in a subject means that our school did as well as similar schools in that subject.


Subject School National
Reading +1.90 0
Writing +1.39 0
Maths -0.20 0

Average Scaled Score KS2


A pupil’s scaled score is based on the number of questions which they answered correctly in their SAT test. A score of 100 is the standard which pupils are expected to reach (the ‘Expected Standard’). The values compare our school’s average standard score against the national average.


Subject School National
Reading 111 105
Mathematics 108 104
Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling 109 106



Percentage at each level (number of pupils:11)


  Below Age-Related Expectation Age-Related Expected and above National Comparison 2018 Above Age-Related Expectation  National Comparison 2018
Reading 0% 100% 75% 55% 26%
Writing 0% 100% 70% 45% 16%
Maths 9% 92% 76% 45% 22%
Reading, Writing and Maths Combined  9% 92% 65% 45% 12%


Phonic Screening

Year 1 81% achieved the expected standard in 2018 compared to 83% nationally in 2018.



83% of children, in EYFS, attained a good level of development compared to 71% nationally in 2018.

Department for Education school comparison tool:



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