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Class 1 (Reception and Year 1) 2021/22


In Class 1 there are 23 wonderful children who have a great imagination and a sense of fun.  Miss. Knight has the pleasure of teaching them with help from Miss. Hall and Mrs. Raddage.

How is food Harvested?

Rocket launch ready for a Picnic on the Moon

Whatever Next? 


After the surprise arrival of Baby Bear earlier this week the children in Class 1 we have been thinking about how we could help Baby Bear travel back into space and how to make the landing safe! Yesterday we learnt about parachutes, here we are testing them. Today, the children have designed their own rockets/ space ship with a partner and this afternoon they have made them. On Monday, we will be using these rockets/ spaceships to travel to the Moon with Baby Bear to have a picnic. 

Whatever Next Parachutes

Year 1 Spellings Summer 2021

Firefighter Tom Visits Class 1


We were very lucky to have firefighter Tom come and visit us in Class 1.  He explained what his job entails and showed us some of his special clothing that he has to keep him safe.  Everyone was able to ask him questions and we watched him perform a fireman's lift.  

Father Christmas Visits Class 1

Class 1 discovered that someone had been in the classroom this weekend.  They found half a mince pie, an empty glass, some left over carrots and some glitter.  They decided to check the CCTV.  Click the link to see what they found!


They each had an envelope left under the tree.


Questions for Father Christmas


After Father Christmas had visited, Class 1 were left asking lots of questions.  So they decided to make a video of their questions to send to Father Christmas.  To their surprise he replied!  Follow the link below to see what they received.  

Porridge Thief at Ambergate Primary School

Yesterday, when the children arrived at school they discovered that someone had broken into school and eaten a bowl porridge.  Mr Kelby had taped off the crime scene and the children searched for clues to help the police.  These are the clues they found.An empty porridge bowl.


A lock of blonde, curly hair.


A green ribbon.


They decided that they should check the CCTV footage from the cameras.  Click on this link to see what they found!

Wanted Posters - Porridge Thief

We were able to watch the police interview with Goldilocks.

All the children wrote questions to ask Goldilocks and enjoyed conducting their own interviews.  Please see the link below.

Goldilocks Stories written by Year 1

Autumn 2020

This term the whole school have a History themed topic.  Our topic is 'Old and New'.  The key question that we will keep coming back to is 'Are old things more important than new things?''  This topic is based on the key concepts of Curiosity, Tradition, Value, Beauty and Love.  The children will travel back in time to learn about toys and books from the past. 

They will discover the work of Mackenzie Thorpe and will recreate some of his art work.


The children will enjoy many different texts that have been carefully chosen to complement this topic. 


Throughout the school we use White Rose to support our Maths curriculum.  Below is the long term Maths plan for Class 1.



Recommended Reads

Below are two files packed with brilliant books for children to read. Whilst we may not have several copies of every book in school, we have put together this list as a place for both children and parents to go when they need a little help finding that next guaranteed-to-be-awesome read. I promised that you can’t go wrong by choosing any. There is also a checklist which you can print and keep track of how many you have read. Happy reading!

Measure in Maths - March 2020

This week in Maths we have been learning about measuring length.  The children have learnt how to compare lengths, how to measure with cubes and how to measure in centimetres and metres.  The children decided that they wanted to measure the trees in the woods so they took their tape measures with them and did just that! One child taught us how to measure the height of a tree with a square piece of paper.

Cops and Robbers - February 2020

Starry, Starry Night

The Singers

The Song

Space Centre - Monday October 14th

A Bug Hotel

Still image for this video

Welly Wednesday -25.09.19