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Forest Schools

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By engaging in motivating achievable tasks in the woodland environment each Forest Schools student has an opportunity to develop self-awareness to reach personal potential. Forest Schools has achieved success with children of all ages who regularly visit the local woodlands to handle risks, learn about their local environment, discover their potential and use their initiative to problem solve and co-operate.

Children use full-size tools, light fires, and cook, learn boundaries of behaviour, grow and establish confidence, self-esteem, and self-motivation.


  • Communication skills
  • Independence
  • Positive mental attitude
  • Self-esteem
  • Confidence
  • Self-awareness and regulation

Come rain or shine we aim to be enjoying ourselves in our local woodlands. The school website and our termly newsletter will keep you updated on our adventures. Periodically we would openly invite our grown-ups to come and see what we do in our sessions and maybe join in with a little whittling, shelter building or maybe enjoy a meal around our campfire!



Our new 2019 group have started!
Our 2018-2019 groups
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Picture 2
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Our Forest School Team have created a treasure map for the rest of the school. 

Please feel free to use the map to explore Shining Cliff woods, get some fresh air, and find some treasure.



When you find it, you may take something from the treasure chest and leave something in return, and for posterity, enter a log in the logbook. If you take something, leave something of equal or greater value in return also leave the treasure chest as you found it (hidden of course).


A printable map is attached below.


Happy hunting!

Downloadable Map

A big thank you to our Forest School team for creating such a great treasure hunt.  The Schumann family and friends enjoyed visiting the Betty Kenny tree before descending to the reservoir area for the hunt.  The best day of the holidays!

Our First Group!

Our First Group! 1 Making shelters.
Our First Group! 2 Whittling wood.
Our First Group! 3 Still whittling!
Our First Group! 4 Prepping the fire.
Our First Group! 5 Toasting marshmallows.
Our First Group! 6 Burning marshmallows.
Our First Group! 7
Our First Group! 8
Our First Group! 9
Our First Group! 10