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Class 3 Page

Class 3's next topic is Space


Space is our next topic for summer term. Below are the knowledge organisers for science and art, which is our lead subject.

Rainforest homeworks


Here are some pictures of some of the fantastic homeworks some of the children bought in to do with our topic of rainforests.

Class 3's DT project


The children in Class 3 have spent the past two weeks practising their woodwork and wiring skills, as well as learning about gears and pulleys. Each child built an electric car by adding gears, pulleys and an electrical system to a wooden frame. 

02 Brand New Day Vocal .mp3

03 Daddy Tortoise Vocal .mp3

06 A Couple Of Evil Doers Vocal .mp3

08 Hare And Co. Vocal.mp3

11 Believe In Your Dreams Vocal .mp3

14 The Race Vocal .mp3

21 So Much More Vocal .mp3

Class 3 DT project


This week, Class 3 have planned, made and evaluated a recipe. They began by tasting the flavours included in the shakshuka and deciding what they would like to include in it, before learning how to slice vegetables thinly and chopped finally and making the dish themselves. They were successful in tailoring the recipe to what they would like it to taste like and are all able to suggest how to improve it next time. Below are some pictures from their lessons and the recipe for trying out again sometime.

Ambergate Survey


Please find the link below for the children's survey about living in Ambergate. We all look forward to finding out your views about what living in Ambergate is like.


Ambergate Survey Link


Information Texts


In Class 3 we have been studying how to write effective information texts. Here are our finished products on topics we believe you might find interesting and informative.

How did the ancient Greeks influence how we live today?


We have been looking into what the ancient Greeks did that we still use or live like today, and the number of similarities are striking. Look through our powerpoints below to find the most influential events, discoveries and ways of life that the Greeks have given us over 2000 years ago.



Branching Databases in Computing


Our unit in computing this term is branching databases. As you can see from the files below, we have already begun to make our own online. Click on our files below and see what they are and how they work.

The Story of Derwent Valley Hills Heritage Site

Linked to our topic of inventions, Derwent Valley Mills have published this booklet which the children have been using to learn about progress and inventions from the local area. The booklet has many wonderful illustrations, many of which are instantly recognisable, and provides plenty of reasons why we should celebrate the area we live, work and go to school in.

Class 3 Harvest work

Still image for this video

Recommended Reads

Below are two files packed with brilliant books for children to read. Whilst we may not have several copies of every book in school, we have put together this list as a place for both children and parents to go when they need a little help finding that next guaranteed-to-be-awesome read. I promised that you can’t go wrong by choosing any. There is also a checklist which you can print and keep track of how many you have read. Happy reading!

Welcome to Class 3’s 2020-21 Page


Hello September! Class 3 are glad to be back in the classroom and out on the playground with our friends and classmates again. It’s been a while but we all want it to stay this way from now on. As our whole school focuses on History for the term, we are learning about inventions for our topic. The big question we are frequently returning to is:

Do new inventions always improve our quality of life?

Alongside this important question are our concepts. This underpin how we think about our big question. They are:

Thought, Knowledge, Progress and Ignorance

We will be reading four excellent and high-quality books as we learn, supported by several other texts and films. The children of Class 3 are already spellbound by The Invention of Hugo Cabret, written by Brian Selznick.



Below are knowledge organisers for our inventions topic as well as our Science topic, which is electricity.

It’s good to be back!

Today Class 3 did a science experiment to highlight the importance of handwashing

Welcome to Class 3!

This year, we have 35 enthusiastic pupils. On this page, you will see all of the fun and exciting learning we will be carrying out throughout the year! Our wonderful teaching assistant is Mrs. Robertson and Mr. Allen is the Class Teacher. During the week, we have Music with Mr. Jones; French with Mrs. Schumann; Cooking with Mrs. Falloon and Sports with Mr. Younger. Keep checking in to see what we are learning about!

Christmas Crafts 

Today we have been making 'eco-friendly' plastic, using only vinegar and milk! Why not have a go at home, take a look at one of the children's instructions to follow smiley

Strutts North Mill 


On 5th November Class 3 headed to Belper on the train to learn about the Industrial Revolution. We had a tour of Belper to see the impact the Strutt family had on the town. Then, once inside the mill, we learn all about cotton making, the importance of hats, the differences before and after the industrial revolution, jobs in the mill, children working in the mill, wages, forfeits and punishments, the structure of the mill and more! Here are a few photos of the machinery in the mill. 

National Space Centre!

Here are some great photos from the National Space Centre. We had a great day learning all about space - we went to the planetarium, learned about the moon landing and Apollo missions; we went up the glass elevator to see the rocket; learned about the history of space missions and discoveries and had a workshop about the Earth, Sun and Moon

More photos to come!

Some of our amazing Space food! Rocket ships, stars, comets, planets and more! More photos to come!


Class 3 have been learning about self-esteem and why it is so important! We have created flowers to show 5 things we like about ourselves and 1 goal that we have!

Take a look at the picture!


Lea Green 

We had an amazing day at Lea Green! Class 3 built dens, toasted marshmallows, played on buggies, problem solved and generally had lots of fun and laughs! What a fabulous day, check out the photos and videos below.

George caught a frog!

Still image for this video

Ancient Sumerian Jewellery Making!

A Giant Leap for Mankind...

This half term, we will be learning about Space in Science! We will be learning about the different planets; how they revolve and how the moons and stars move through space. We will also discover how the Earth rotates to create day and night. As part of this topic, in Art, we will create our own 3D solar systems. To top it all off, we will be visiting the National Space Centre to discover even more through hands-on workshops and interesting exhibitions.  

Halle Orchestra

We had a wonderful time singing and playing our instruments alongside the Halle Orchestra! 

Lea Green 2019 

Unfortunately, our trip was cut short by the weather. However, the weather didn't stop us having lots of fun whilst we were there! Take a look at some of the photos of the fun we had!


88 Bows Superstan Reprise.mp3

87 Staggering Finale.mp3

81 Behind The Mask.mp3

67 Every Step Of The Way.mp3

52 Superstan.mp3

42 Anti Gravity Pants.mp3

32 Every Step Of The Way Pre Reprise .mp3

15 Staggering Stanley.mp3

06 Live A Little.mp3

Our production this year is:



Amazing Adventures






In To America 


Our topic for this half term will be In To America. The topic will focus on learning on geographical similarities and differences in North America. We will also look at environmental regions; key physical and human characteristics of countries and major cities. We will link our topic where possible to all other subjects.

Our homework project for the half term was 'MAGIC'. The children created some amazing work! Take a look at just a few pictures from the homework. Well done everyone!

Today, we learned about how light travels! Here are a few pictures from our human model representations of how the eye sees an object. 

Time to Reflect

The topic will focus on learning about the different parts of the Earth’s layout and how time zones are different. The children will learn lots of new vocabulary such as latitude, longitude, Equator, Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere, the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, Arctic and Antarctic Circle, the Prime/Greenwich Meridian and time zones (including day and night). This will link well with our Science topic of Light. We will be learning about how light travels, how we see light and how shadows are formed. This will, once again, involved practical activities to apply the theory that we have learned over the half term. 

Please keep checking our page to find out what we are up to!


Cromford Mill

Today, Year 4 and 5 went to Cromford mill to learn lots of new crafts through outdoor learning! They had a great morning. Take a look at the photos below. 


We have had the best day learning about all types of science! 

In English, we have been learning about figurative language




World Book Day!

Science with Mrs. Horner

The children have been experimenting using magnetism. They have ground up cereal to see if it is magnetic due to the added iron! A great experiment that was lots of fun to do frown


We have been learning how to ride a bike safely on the playground today! Have a look at the pictures from our sessions. What a fun day!

                              Bright Ideas!

We will be learning about inventors and their inventions in history. This will involve learning about Benjamin Franklin and the lightning rod; Sir Humphrey Davy and the safety lamp and Rowland Emett the cartoonist! 

In Art this half term, we have created volcanoes. On Thursday we erupted the volcanoes! It was a spectacle! Have a look at the photos below frown

We have spent this half term creating news reports using green screens! Take a look below at the videos from some of our groups!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


James Bond needed some help! On a mission he slipped over, so he asked Class 3 to investigate which surfaces are better. So, we carried out an investigation into finding out which surfaces had more friction! Check out our pictures!

In Science this week, we learned about pulleys, gears, and levers. We then went on to make our own pulleys! We love making them (and posing for the pictures)!


In Science, Class 3 has been learning about forces, we have looked at gravity, air resistance, water resistance, and friction. Over the half term, we will carry out investigations to see what happens when these forces are increased/decreased! 


We worked in groups to create a parachute to investigate the use of materials to effect air resistance and slow down the effects of gravity! Take a look at our video:


Still image for this video

Let's Cause an Eruption!

This half term, in Topic, Class 3 will be learning about volcanoes and earthquakes! We will learn all about the structure of the Earth and how the tectonic plates cause earthquakes and volcanoes. We will look at some of the major volcanic eruptions and earthquakes in history and the impact they had on civilizations.


Our class book for this half term will be:


Over this half term, we have designed and made our own models of a trench. The children have used mod-roc. chicken wire, cardboard, clay and papier mache to get used to using lots pf different materials for modelling. They were a huge success. Well done everyone! 

Prime Numbers!

Year 5 and 6 have been learning about prime numbers! They made videos in groups to remind everyone of the all the prime numbers up to 19! Great work frown


2       3       5       7      11      13      17      19 


Still image for this video

Recycle, Reduce, Reuse!

Take a look below at the photos from our Recycle, Reduce and Reuse workshop. We learned about how to reduce waste by reusing it to make other items. We looked at different items to see how long it would take for them to decompose in a landfill (we got to smell a landfill too). In the afternoon, we played 'Dragons Apprentice' and made hedgehogs and Christmas trees! A fab day! 

World War 1

Class 3 made an amazing soldier memorial statue that is part of the World War 1 Remembrance Sunday Service at St Anne's Church. Well done to everyone at school for creating brilliant art to decorate the church. 

A superb performance by Class 3 at Ripley All Saints Church. The children were fabulous! Well done to all who were involved! A fabulous start to the topic smiley



Our topic this half term will be World War 1. We thought this would be an important topic to cover as it is 100 years since the end of the First World War. We will be learning about key events that took place in the war through art, drama, topic, reading and writing. As a class, we will be reading War Horse, if your child has a copy they can read along as we go. On the 8th November we will be at All Saints Church in Ripley to perform a shadow mime routine relating to the  First World War. 


- Lest We Forget


Rolls Royce Engineering 

Class 3 spent a morning at Rolls Royce learning about what it means to be an Engineer. We learned about the history of Rolls Royce; the job of an engineer; how aeroplane engines have evolved to the jet engines we use today; how aeroplanes fly and so much more. 

Photos to follow.

This week, our Science lesson was extraordinary! We had a lesson all about forensics and how to find fingerprints on porous and non-porous materials. Then, we identified the shoe of a partial footprint. It was a fantastic morning! Thank you to Liane for teaching us all about it! smiley

Take a look at the video and photos below!


Still image for this video

This week, in Class 3, we have made a war memorial based on World War 1. This is because we will be performing at Ripley All Saints Church as part of a local project that is celebrating the WW1 centenary this year. This war memorial will be a prop at the show and then we can keep it! The children had lots of fun learning how to make it. frown

We have been learning about digestion! Here are some pictures as we 'digested' some fruit and crackers crying

Our trip to London 


Our trip to London was fantastic! We had a great time, we saw lots of sights in London from the coach. Our day started with a tour of The Houses of Parliament and then a question and answer session with Nigel Mills MP. Then we went to The Imperial War Museum where we saw some amazing artwork, artefacts, vehicles and so much more! 

Here are a few pictures of our amazing day!