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Recommended Reads

Below are two files packed with brilliant books for children to read. Whilst we may not have several copies of every book in school, we have put together this list as a place for both children and parents to go when they need a little help finding that next guaranteed-to-be-awesome read. I promised that you can’t go wrong by choosing any. There is also a checklist which you can print and keep track of how many you have read. Happy reading!

Welcome to Class 2 smiley

In Class 2 this year, we have 26 lovely pupils who are looking forward to the year ahead! Mrs. Williams & Mr. Read are the class teachers and Mrs. Boucher and Mrs. Jones are the teaching assistants. 


We run an open door policy, so please do not hesitate to pop-in before or after school with any concerns.

Autumn 2 Newsletter 2019

Class 2 Roman Day 14th November 2019


Class 2 had an AMAZING day being Romans. 


Our day started with us learning all about Roman soldiers. We learned about the things they had to carry every day as well as what they wore and the weapons they used. There were plenty of opportunities to handle, carry and try things on. We learned how to march in the tortoiseshell formation using our own Roman shields we made.  We finished our day learning about Roman food, building aquaducts and finding out about Roman villa artifacts. 




Lea Green 2019 

Unfortunately, our trip was cut short by the weather. However, the weather didn't stop us having lots of fun whilst we were there! Take a look at some of the photos of the fun we had!

Class 2 Trip to Cromford Canal     Thursday 7th March


Despite the weather forecasts, the class caught the 10.10 train from Ambergate and landed at Cromford station at 10.30.  We boarded the Birdswood narrow boat and traveled from the wharf to the High Peak Junction.  Along the way there and back we spotted the first signs of spring.  It was our intention to sit in the sun and sketch the boat and the wharf after the journey, but unfortunately, the weather did get the better of us, so we came home an hour early.  We will head back over the coming months to see how spring develops into summer.  As usual, the children were excellent and their behaviour was impeccable.



Conti Crayon Art Of Our Trip On The Narrow Boat

Our topic during the Spring 1 half term is all about Modern Europe and Ambergate's place within it. Spring 2 topic is entitled A Hop, Skip and a Jump. During this work, we will be concentrating further on our local community and exploring the habitats and wildlife that can be found here.   



Class Two's Pilgrimage Art - Mont Saint Michel

We are very lucky to have Mrs. Faloon as our Food Technology Teacher! Every Wednesday we will be cooking and baking, with yummy treats to take home! 

On Wednesdays, we will be swimming at Belper Leisure Centre. 

Class 2's visit to Derby Museum!


Class 2 visited Derby Museum on Tuesday 9th October. We explored the secrets of the Derby mummies and found out why mummies are called mummies! 

We had a visit from Princess Aziza and mummified a few of our classmates too! Then we dressed up in Egyptian dress! We had so much fun and explored the other rooms too!

We saw the long boat, Joseph Wright's paintings and the animals exhibition!