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Welcome to Class 2 smiley

This year Mrs Turner will be teaching Class 2 and Miss Julian will be supporting her. The Year 2/3 mixed class consists of 25 amazing children who work very hard.  


Autumn Term 2021

Our first topic will be ‘Who Lives in a Place Like This?’  We will be travelling back in time to the Stone Age to find out what life like.   Our Science work on stones links in closely with the history element.  Later on in the term, we will hopefully be visiting Creswell Crags to see some caves and cave painting. The key concepts being taught through this topic are: Belonging, Individuality, Poverty and Well-being.


These are the texts that we will be focusing on in English.



Transition Booklet - Class 2

Long Term Planning

Recommended Reads

Below are two files packed with brilliant books for children to read. Whilst we may not have several copies of every book in school, we have put together this list as a place for both children and parents to go when they need a little help finding that next guaranteed-to-be-awesome read. I promised that you can’t go wrong by choosing any. There is also a checklist which you can print and keep track of how many you have read. Happy reading!