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Admissions Policy

Ambergate Primary School

Admissions Policy


The school Standards and framework act introduced a new statutory requirement for every LEA to ensure that every parent of a child living within a LEA who has applied for a  school place in the normal admission round receives an offer of a place, and only one school place on the same day.


All primary schools within a LEA’s area have been co-ordinated from September 2006 intake onwards


Parents will be invited to express their preferences for schools within their own LEA’s area on a common application form, which the LEA will provide. Applications will only be considered on a common application form. This form must be returned to Derbyshire LEA for places at Derbyshire maintained schools.


Derbyshire LEA applies its own admission criteria to requests for places in its community and controlled schools.


The needs of any admission will be balanced against the capacity of the relevant class within the school.


Any parent whose child is refused a school place for which they have applied has the right to an independent appeal.


As a school we will follow the LEA admissions practice. Please follow the link below for more information.


Apply for a school place 


Adopted: April 2022

To be reviewed: April 2023