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Class 1 (Reception and Year 1)


In Class 1 there are 27 wonderful children who have a great imagination and a sense of fun.  Mrs. Turner and Mr. Schumann have the pleasure of teaching them with help from Mrs. Myers, Mrs. Robertson and Miss Julian.

Year 1 Room on the Broom Stories

We have been looking at Julia Donaldson's stories and have used 'Room on the Broom' to create our own stories.  They are all fabulous! Click the document and enjoy!

Spring 2 - 2019



Our topic this half-term is all about transport and journeys and is called ‘Are We Nearly There Yet?’  The children will explore transport used within the UK and will discover how transport has changed over time and why.  Maps and online route planners will be used by the children to plan journeys.  Road safety will form a large part of this topic.  The dangers of cars, crossing roads, riding bikes and scooters and the importance of listening to  grown-ups will all be taught, using role-play and drama to reinforce these crucial messages.  In DT the children will explore how wheels attach to axels to make vehicles move.  Using these ideas the children will then design and make their own.  In science the children will be looking at sensors - mainly hearing.  This links very well with road safety.  The children will take part in listening walks, mapping their findings and comparing different places.  They will learn about how we hear sounds.  As part of this topic the children will explore toys designed for younger children to help them develop their sensors.  Each child will then design and make their own sensory bottle or board which we can hopefully give to playgroup.





Welly Wednesday 16.01.19

Great fun was had at the woods today.  Our topic is 'Toys Story' so today we decided to make our own park in the woods.  The children made a slide and a swing and used the trees as climbing frames!

Christmas Dinner 19.12.18

Christmas Dinner 19.12.18 1
Christmas Dinner 19.12.18 2

Welly Wednesday 19.12.18

Welly Wednesday 19.12.18 1
Welly Wednesday 19.12.18 2
Welly Wednesday 19.12.18 3
Welly Wednesday 19.12.18 4
Welly Wednesday 19.12.18 5

Class 1's Christmas Party 18.12.18

Class 1's Christmas Party 18.12.18 1

Welly Wednesday 14.11.18


Today at the woods Class 1 learnt how to whittle with a potato peeler.  The whole class used carrots, parsnips and potatoes to perfect the skill.  Once back at school the children then chopped the vegetables and cooked soup.  Everyone helped with the cooking and the soup was yummy!

Look what turned up outside school today. We seized the chance and invited ourselves aboard!

Fire engine

Fire engine 1
Fire engine 2
Fire engine 3
Fire engine 4
Fire engine 5
Fire engine 6
Fire engine 7
Fire engine 8



All our learning in the first half of the Autumn term was linked to ‘Gardens and Homes’.  The children spent time in the local area identifying flowers, taking photographs and re-creating pieces of art in the style of Georgia O’Keeffe.  They discovered the functions of each part of a plant  and learnt how to look after them.  With the woods on our doorstep, the children had many opportunities to explore the wildlife.  When looking at homes the children build houses in the woods for different creatures.    The children explored different houses and looked at the shapes and materials from which they are made.  In October, Class 1 children visited Chatsworth House and discovered its beautiful gardens and took part in a Maths Woodland session. 


Chatsworth Visit




The children made numbers out of sticks.












The children hugged trees to estimate how old they were.








They found sticks that were same lengths as their arms, fingers and feet and compared these to their friends.









More pictures from Chatsworth are displayed in Class 1's cloakroom. 


Welly Wednesday


We found lots of things in the woods which were bumpy, smooth, long, short, rough and special.












We made homes for some woodland creatures.













We collected treasure from the woods and created some beautiful pictures.

Woodland Art Work

Woodland Art Work 1
Woodland Art Work 2
Woodland Art Work 3
Woodland Art Work 4
Woodland Art Work 5

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