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Use of Computers Policy





Adopted: March 2018 by P&C Committee

To be reviewed: March 2020





Computers are used in schools to raise educational standards, to support the professional work of staff and to enhance the school’s management information and business administration systems. This policy is designed to ensure that they are used for these specific purposes, and that no misuse of computers occurs in any form.


Physical Controls


Administrative Computers


Physical access to these computers, and any data storage systems (eg discs, datasticks) associated with them, is restricted to administrative staff and members of the school leadership team.

Administrative Computers are kept in the Office and positioned so that, as far as possible, they cannot be viewed by visitors to the office. Administrative staff are aware that personal data on the screen is covered by the Data Protection Act and should not be viewed by unauthorised persons. These computers will be encrypted as per Derbyshire County Council data protection guidance.

Any portable data storage devices are stored securely in a locked cabinet, in the school storeroom, with another copy kept offsite.


Teacher Allocated Computers


Individual teachers take responsibility for any laptop computer allocated to them for personal professional use. Teachers need to be vigilant in ensuring that their laptop cannot be accessed by anyone else, except with their permission for curriculum use eg. in connection with an interactive whiteboard. Teachers also need to be security-conscious in moving the computer from home to school, and leaving it unattended in a vulnerable place.

These computers will be encrypted as per Derbyshire County Council data protection guidance.


Curriculum Computers


Pupils use these at the direction of a teacher. No pupil should use a computer without permission or direction from a teacher.





Logical Controls


Access to systems and data on admin computers is restricted by the use of unique identifiers and passwords. Access to the server, for staff sections, is restricted by a collective staff password. Pupils’ curriculum work is accessed via the server through a collective class identifier and password.

All users should keep their passwords confidential, and not let others use their ID or password for any reason. Users should guard against leaving their computers logged on when they leave a room for any length of time.

The Headteacher will review the computer security log one a term to identify any attempted illegal access or unusual access.

Users who no longer work at the school will have their access rights removed.

The IT Technician and Coordinator act as the administrators of the school server. They will build in secure controls to ensure that pupils and unauthorised staff cannot access administrative and managerial files.


Business Continuity


The school has drawn up a recovery plan, for use in the event of a catastrophic event that leads to the loss of systems or data. (Please see Computer Disaster and Recovery Security Plan).


Compliance with Legislation


Data Protection Act


There is guidance available for staff in school, issued by the Derbyshire Education ICT Unit. This can also be accessed on the Derbyshire Schools net.

The school holds a single Data Protection notification, which is displayed in the school office. The Register Entry Report, detailing the types of information the school holds, who information may be disclosed to, and the purposes and conditions under which it may be disclosed, is kept on file in the Headteacher’s office.

school will ensure that

  • Personal data is maintained, kept secure and not disclosed to unauthorised persons or agencies
  • Data is only used for the purposes which it is registered/notified under the Data Protection Act
  • Any personal/confidential data sent by the school is adequately protected against unauthorised access.

Copyright, Designs and Patents Act


To duplicate software or any supporting documentation protected by copyright is a criminal offence. Therefore, the school will ensure that ;-

  • It has approval to use software, evidenced by appropriate licences.
  • It will store software, licences and manuals away from the computer to limit loss in case of a disaster.
  • Make checks annually (through the ICT Technician) that all software installed is covered by a licence and that checks are evidenced.


Computer Misuse Act


Users must only use systems for which they are authorised. Anyone who deliberately and without authority misuses computer systems may face prosecution.


Inappropriate Use of ICT Equipment


Cases of suspected fraud, inappropriate use if ICT equipment or any other irregularity relating to electronic transactions must be reported immediately to the Headteacher and Chair of Governors. In serious cases, these instances will be reported to the relevant authorities.

Please see Policy on Use of the Internet and Electronic Mail for further information.


Virus Protection


All users of computers in school will guard against the transfer of viruses into school computer systems.

The ICT service provider will ensure that:

  • Equipment is protected by regularly updated scanning software.

Other users must be vigilant about

  • Not introducing discs or other file input from unregulated sources
  • Only loading discs or downloading e-mails that have been checked by the virus scanning software.


Disposal of ICT Equipment


To ensure that the school complies with its obligations under the Data Protection Act, all School Administration/Teachers ICT equipment containing a physical storage capability (ie hard drive, etc) should be securely erased prior to disposal.


See safeguarding policy for internet safety.

Children should be encouraged to use the internet as much as possible in a safe way. We have installed the RM Safety filter system which gives an appropriate level of internet security. If the children come across suspect material they are told to close the lid of the notebook and inform the teacher in charge immediately.

If a teacher knows of misuse either by a child or a teacher they must inform the head teacher without delay. The head teacher has overall responsibility f