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Secondary Transfer Policy



Adopted: March 2018 by P&C Committee

To be reviewed: March 2020





  1. The small number of pupils involved in transfer allows the school to work on a personal basis and respond to the individual needs of each child.


Autumn Term


  1. Parents are requested to make an application to the Secondary School of their choice.


  2. Ambergate School requests that parents keep the staff informed regarding their applications.


  1. This school will provide parents with contact numbers and support to approach secondary schools for information if requested. This support will be given without showing any bias or preference. Staff will not make recommendations that may influence parental choice.


Spring Term


  1. When Secondary School placements are confirmed, dates for Special Needs Annual Reviews and transfer meetings for Y6 pupils are fixed. Representatives from the relevant Secondary School will be invited to attend.


  1. Visits to the Secondary School may be arranged for statemented pupils if this is appropriate to the needs of the child.


Summer Term


  1. The school supports the Secondary School programmes which includes:

  1. the children visiting their new schools

  2. parents evening

  3. tutors from the schools being welcomed to visit Ambergate School

  4. communication between the staff Primary/Secondary

  5. passing on relevant information to children/parents



    End of Summer Term

  1. After the July Parent’s Evening children’s records are transferred to their Secondary School (including Special needs records).

  2. Confidential Child Protection records are passed on directly to appropriate Secondary School Child Protection Co-ordinator, if appropriate.

  3. In the final weeks of term events such as assemblies, concerts and disco are organised to celebrate the Primary School achievements of the Y6 children. This helps the children to acknowledge that they are ready to move onto a new chapter in their lives.