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Science 2017


Science Policy


Ambergate Primary School

Adopted: July 2017 by P&C Committee

To be reviewed: July 2020




Primary science aims to develop an enquiring mind and a scientific approach to problems. This can be encouraged by;-

  • Enabling children to see science as a means of investigating the natural world.
  • Helping children to understand and appreciate scientific aspects of everyday life.
  • Giving children the opportunities to develop knowledge, skills concepts and attitudes about science within our Critical Skills Programme.
  • Making children aware of social and moral implications of science.
  • Making children aware of major discoveries of science and the contributions of some scientists including knowledge of the historical development of science.
  • Developing sensitivity towards living things and their environment.
  • Develop scientific vocabulary.
  • Become aware of safe practices and potential hazards.


We aim to equip children with an understanding of scientific concepts and a sound basis of scientific knowledge.

We give children opportunities to practice and acquire scientific skills as identified in the National Curriculum. These run alongside the Critical skills and dispositions that form the basis of our teaching and learning.


Continuity and progression

The curriculum framework promotes progression through school. Planning and record keeping enables staff to track coverage and attainment.

Children are assessed at the end of each unit and records are passed on through school.


Equal opportunities

All children have the opportunity to participate in science. The curriculum is differentiated to enable all children to have access.



The resources are stored centrally in the quiet room. Extra materials are provided as required.




Safety in science

The practical nature of science requires staff and children to be aware of the safety issues and to take account of potential hazards.

Pupils should be taught to be alert and act responsibly.


The role of the Headteacher.

The Head teacher has overall responsibility for all curriculum areas.

The Head teacher provides adequate resources through the school budget.

The Head teacher works with staff to monitor science provision within school.


The role of the co-ordinator.

At Ambergate school all staff share the responsibility of co-ordinating science. We are a small staff so in order to have a meaningful and efficient system of monitoring evaluation and review, science is reviewed at a staff meeting as required.