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PSHE Policy

Ambergate Primary School


Personal, Social and Health Education Policy

Incorporating citizenship


Adopted: March 2017 by P&C Committee

To be reviewed: March 2019


“PSHE comprises all aspects of schools’ planned provision to promote their children’s personal and social development including health and well – being”

(Preparing young people for adult life DfEE 1999)


The PSHE curriculum delivered at Ambergate Primary School reflects the school’s aims as it develops the children’s confidence, self esteem and awareness to;

  • Make the most of their abilities
  • Play an active role as citizens
  • Develop good relationships and respect the difference between people
  • Develop a safe and healthy life style
  • Become increasingly independent and responsible.                                                                                               


Education for citizenship at key stage 1 and includes:

Social and moral responsibility; Pupils learning from the very beginning self-confidence and socially and morally responsible behaviour both in and beyond the classroom, towards those in authority and towards each other.


Community involvement: “Pupils learning about the institutions, issues problems and practices of our democracy and how citizens can make themselves effective in public life, locally, regionally and nationally through skills and values as well as knowledge- this can be termed political literacy, which encompasses more than political knowledge alone.”

(PSHE guidance 2000 QCA)


Knowledge, Skills and Understanding

Pupils are taught to:

  • Take and share responsibility (for example their own behaviour)
  • Feel positive about themselves (for example, having their achievements recognised)
  • Take part in discussions
  • Make real choices and decisions
  • Meet and talk with people (for example from the community and visitors.)
  • Develop relationships through work and play.
  • Consider social and moral dilemmas that they come across in everyday life.
  • Ask for help, information and advice.
  • Prepare for change.


Scheme of work

PSHE, Citizenship and Sex and Relationships education is not delivered in isolation. The objective is to support the children through their physical, emotional and moral development by providing them with clear information and opportunities for discussion.


Equal opportunities

All children are entitled to full access of the PSHE and Citizenship curriculum.

The role of the Head teacher

The Head teacher;

  • Has overall responsibility
  • Provides adequate resources through the school budget.
  • Liaises with the PSHE co-ordinator


The role of the co-ordinator

The co-ordinator

  • Liaises with the head teacher to enable him to fulfil the role outlined above.
  • Monitors the provision to ensure continuity and progression and updates the policy
  • Is responsible for updating and maintaining resources.
  • Supports staff in planning activities
  • Prepares and leads in service training as necessary.