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Music Policy

Ambergate Primary School


Music Policy


Adopted: July 2017 by P&C Committee

To be reviewed: July 2020


Music is an integral part of the Ambergate Primary School curriculum and is valued highly by the school community.



The aim of music in school is to give all our children opportunities to understand how sound can be used expressively, especially in ways that cannot be said in words.

  • To teach children to perform and compose using a range of instruments and their voices.
  • To enable children to listen to a wide range of music and to respond to it.
  • To foster enjoyment, enthusiasm and confidence in music.
  • To develop cross-curricular links, providing opportunities for music as part of topics and as part of school life.
  • To promote music as a subject which enriches the lives of individuals and groups.



Children will be encouraged to work individually and as part of a group. Children will take part in singing activities both in class and in assembly. Children will also be encouraged to take part in productions and performances as the opportunities arise.

Children will have the opportunity to listen to a wide range of music in assembly, in class and through visits from external professionals.

ICT will be used throughout the music curriculum where appropriate.


All pupils are given equal access to the music curriculum and activities are planned to ensure full participation by all children.


Children’s progress is assessed by teacher observation and discussion with the children, then reported to parents in the annual report.


The class teacher will deliver the music curriculum in their classroom or children will be taught as part of the wider opportunities programme.

The Headteacher will have an overview of music within the school.

Extracurricular activities

We will take advantage of opportunities as they arise.