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Foundation Stage Policy

A Policy for the Foundation Stage


Adopted: March 2018 by P&C Committee

To be reviewed: March 2020



Ambergate School aims to provide a safe, friendly environment where children build constructive relationships with their peers and adults. Parents are recognised as partners in the education of their child and are encouraged to be involved in supporting their child’s learning through close home school liaison. Children will experience a broad and balanced early years curriculum centred on constructive play and experiential learning which supports our philosophy of catering for all the developmental needs of young children.


Ambergate Primary School currently has the foundation and key stage 1 children in one class. We aim to carry the same philosophy through both stages as a natural course of development. Provision is flexible to ensure the wide ranges of children’s needs are catered for.


The aims of the early years are the same as our school aims. These are developed with appropriate activities and provision for children of this age.



Staffing is enhanced by the provision of a teaching assistant so that the children have the opportunity to work in small groups when it is more appropriate. The teaching assistant also supports the class teacher in the planning preparation and delivery of work aimed at developing the early learning goals and is involved with keeping records for the foundation profiles. It is hoped that the additional classroom support will help to ensure that the provision for the children in the foundation stage is successful within the mixed aged class.



All children will be admitted to the foundation stage in the September following their fourth birthday unless parents elect to delay entry. There will be a phased entry and all children will attend full time by the first week of October in order to allow the children to settle into school.


Continuity and progression

The children will follow the early learning goals and their progress recorded on the foundation stage profiles (Tapestry online tool). The needs of individual children will be catered for to allow positive progress. Foundation subjects within the foundation stage will link into the key stage 1 rolling programme where early learning goals are matched to the key stage 1 objectives. The provision is differentiated to suit the needs of all the children and to ensure that children are extended when they revisit a topic in year 2.



Planning is done as part of the whole class planning and is based on the objectives within the early learning goals. Continuous provision will be planned for and displayed in the classroom.


Monitoring recording and assessment

Children will be assessed within the first half term and this will be recorded on the foundation profile. This profile will then be kept up to date at regular intervals as are appropriate and form an ongoing assessment of a child’s development throughout the foundation stage. This information will be used to ensure a smooth transition to key stage 1. The children have the advantage of the class teacher having good personal knowledge of their development, as there will be no artificial break between foundation and key stage 1. Children will be allowed to progress at a rate appropriate to their individual needs.


The role of the Headteacher

The Headteacher will ensure that provision in the foundation stage is of the same high standard as that for all key stages in our school. The Headteacher will also ensure the foundation stage is well resourced within the confines of the school budget.